I am bad at a lot of stuff. being around other people, wearing hats, and especially lying to people, which is funny cause people to lie to me all the time. They say they want to protect me from hurting. They think I can not handle things.

they are so good at it they even lie to themselves. We all have something special in ourselves, also something special outside too. but that doesn’t make us stop getting more special stuff.

Visiting Iran has been a dream of mine for as long as I remember. I’ve always wanted to ride a camel, see the desert, explore maze-like Yazd, and drink coffee in Charbagh boulevard. Here are some highlights of my trip:

Camel Trekking in Kavir

While I wish I could have fun with you here, TAPPersia organized a tour in the Varzaneh desert in the central part of the country, I am dreaming to ride the old camel with you.

I settled for one night in the desert, one night under the stars. Turns out riding a camel for an hour is pretty uncomfortable, but…

Layers of golden rice, fried chicken and barbaries sauteed with sugar and pistachio in my mouth makes me want to travel back to Iran.Despite the tastyness, I have nothing but Traditional persian food to fulfill my desperate needs, at least physically.

It’s 12 o’clock at noon and all I have to think about is the smell of fried onion and fresh herbs of Ghormeh Sabzi, the delicious Ghormeh Sabzi, and after pouring it next to my steamed Persian rice in my dish, having a big bite of that delight dish, unbutton my pants and take a short nap. I might have a whole glass of Dough just to relax afterward,in a nice afternoon in Yazd city,Iran you know take my time, no rush.

The most delicious Ghormeh Sabzi and Persian rice with pleasant side Salad Shirazi is a traditional Iranian cuisine…

Meeting strangers in other countries to start a conversation or hook up goes against every safety guideline, but many people continue to struggle with balancing physical health and social health.

Iranians are some of the most warm-hearted people I ever met, when it comes to speaking with a native Persian speaker, they’ll not only cheer you on the attempt you are putting on this but also they start teaching you the easiest phrases you can use in your conversation and their pronunciation. So Don’t be shy! Here are some easy conversations you can use to in your daily talks:


Meh.mooni (n)

A social gathering where people drink lots of Chai and Shirini.

OK so we all had been in that situation when you walk into Persian house and wonder is this the right place for me and my clothes?. What ever you are wearing concerns you and if you are already in Iran you get the idea of what to wear and what to do in case of facing a local. They are hot, warmhearted and might invite you to their house after the first 5 min talk.

So, how can you rock the Mehmooni?

What are some types…

Persian words travel around Persia Tappersia love love words

The journey of learning Persian may be hard by searching different websites of universities and academic centers all over the Internet. While some may teach you how to say hello or do the greetings, I want to help you to catch some feelings while talking to a local, let’s say a potential girl or boy.

International travel may have been on hold for all of us, but exploring foreign culture and art is still possible through books, movies, or Medium. While I am self-isolating, finding out how to grill the eggplants and frying my garlic to make Mirza Ghasemi, learning…


Music has always been really important to me, I love to listen to music when I‘m taking pictures, writing, sitting in the car heading to work, or walking outside: not a day goes by when I haven’t listened to a song.

The song that put me in the mood when I was…

Travel Around Persia — Iran- Autumn in Iran

Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year in Iran, before winter. A time where we consider our boots, our best friends and our coats as our knight in shiny armor. When the days grow shorter, it’s a time of a year for harvesting the wheat and fruits and going for long walks in the last places to see fall foliage in Iran. during the fall you may have noticed that everything from flight tickets, to train tickets decreases. Instead of compromising you you would have the liberty to choose. Where to go and how to spend money.

Rush Forest, Savadkooh County

Iranian girls- travel around Persia- Travel-

I have way too many apps on my phone. I’m one of those people who’s the phone is cluttered with running-in-the-background apps, games, pictures of my cat and memes I’ve saved to watch later or send to others. But there is much more fun to look t someone’s phone rather than checking your own.

A similar question with a smile on my face to all the girls I was intimate with during my trip to Iran” what kind of apps do you use mostly , Azizam?”

Iranian girls have this amazing security system, first, they don’t hold the phone on…

Prin bhammockfard

The girl with the red scarfs

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